About Us

Our homemade meals are what we like to call 'country soul food' straight from our kitchen, not a factory, to your dining table with a menu packed full of mouth-watering classics, made from scratch to please taste-buds young and old.


We love food and its power to unite people.  Our founder Teresa Kneeland grew up with deep roots in Donalda, Alberta's farming community.  She began canning, cooking, baking and preparing food for her family and the harvest crew from as early as 10 years old.  Teresa turned her passion for amazing food into a successful catering business.

As owner and operator of the successful and sought-after Teresa’s Catering, she has cooked memorable meals that pack country soul and delectable delights into every bite for nearly 20 years.  Beginning in her own personal kitchen, then moving into community kitchens, the demand for her heavenly homestyle meals grew such that Teresa built her own commercial kitchen on Main Street in Donalda, AB in 2013.


Now Teresa's handmade meals are available for delivery straight to your door through the fundraising efforts of local groups such as sports teams, school groups and other community organizations.  Stock your freezer with TERESA’s home cooked meals for ready-made down-home dishes that you, your family, friends and neighbors will gather around and enjoy all while supporting great local causes.