A New Way to Reach Your Goals

TERESA's Food Fundraiser offers sports team, school groups, community groups and more a new way to raise funds.

We have all been inundated with chocolates, popcorn, plants, and more.  Now your group has the opportunity to offer something that hasn't been over done and offers people a deliciously satisfying product in return.

We offer delicious frozen delicious homecooked meals that are ready in minutes.  TERESA’s mouth-watering classics, made from scratch please palates young and old. Whether you crave savoury or sweet, crispy or creamy, our menu delivers an array of country soul foods packed full of flavour for a memorable and downright delicious meal.

How It Works

(in 4 easy steps)

Your organization's fundraising coordinator fills out the CONTACT FORM on our website or calls us at 780-883-2780.

We review your fundraising goals and what kind of items your supporters are likely to purchase and custom tailor your order forms and product lists to your organization.

Our team will work hard to ensure that you have all the support you need throughout the entire process.

Your group gets out and sells to your supporters and returns the order forms to your organizations fundraising coordinator.

We work with you to help answer any questions along the way and help your reach your target.

We take your completed orders, magically turn them into delicious homecooked food for your amazing supporters.

Your group earns 15% on all sales 20% on one bonus item.

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